Seth Meyers used his signature “A Closer Look” segment last night to focus on the Democratic National Convention, examining Wednesday night’s speeches by Michael Bloomberg (“the rich uncle you didn’t think would come”), Joe Biden (“the stepdad who pulls a nickel out from behind your ear even though you’re 27”), and Barack Obama (“the cool cousin everyone is bummed has to leave early,” before moving on to the Thursday finale with Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech for the Democratic presidential nomination.

On Obama’s Trump-critical speech: “Something tells me even if Trump loses, Obama enjoys roasting him too much to just stop,” said Meyers, adding, “He’ll probably go on the road taking his best material with him. I’m looking forward to his Netflix comedy special.”

Meyers closed out with Clinton’s acceptance speech, joking that she used his signature “A Closer Look.”

He also took a jab about a line in Clinton’s speech when she said too many people have mistakenly spent the entire primary season laughing off Donald Trump’s candidacy and not taking him seriously enough.

“It was not a mistake, I have an hour to fill every night!” Meyers snarked.

Check out the video above.