James Corden’s First Lady Carpool Karaoke is out – also the first time he was tailed by the Secret Service in one of these popular videos. Missy Elliott seems to have been paying a call to the White House too that day.

Corden visited the White House in late June, making an appearance on First Lady Michelle Obama’s just-launched Snapchat account to crown her his latest Carpool Karaoke companion.

Corden’s an Emmy nominee for best late-night talk show.

Today’s issuing of the video comes a month after the release of Corden’s Carpool Karaoke with Selena Gomez, which is passing 36M views at writing. That video had been released two weeks after Corden’s Broadway Carpool Karaoke to promote his hosting of the Tony Awards ceremony, which was broadcast on CBS.

The First Lady must clock 118M YouTube views to match the Carpool Karaoke record currently held by Adele.  By today, the FLOTUS Carpool video teaser had nearly 5M views: