John Oliver didn’t let a little thing like being off the air last night keep him from offering fans a Happy Independence Day – “or, as it’s called where I come from, fourth of July and that’s all.” The British Oliver, whose Sunday-night HBO program Last Week Tonight With John Oliver took last night off, posted a web-exclusive video — watch it above — expressing his best holiday wishes. Though the greeting is controversy-free (not a Brexit joke in the bunch) Oliver being Oliver couldn’t stop himself from reminding Americans what they gave up back in 1776. “These beautiful vowel sounds could have been yours,” he says, before touting bowler hats, meat pies and the Queen herself (“an elderly woman who frowns for a living”). “But the thing Americans are really missing out on is pessimism. Americans are optimistic people who believe the sky is the limit. Whereas in Britain, we are painfully aware of our limits. In fact, just look at the British sky itself – even the sun is incapable of asserting itself.” Despite America’s walk-out, though, Oliver offers an olive branch. “Honestly,” he says, “you are probably way better off with the way that things are.” Last Week Tonight returns with live shows Sunday July 24.