Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton called into Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor, marking her first interview on the program in about eight years (since the 2008 Democratic primary) to talk about this evening’s attack in Nice, France. The driver of a tractor trailer truck broke through barriers to mow down at least 80 Bastille Day celebrators in the seaside resort at about 10:30 PM local time.

“Our alliance with France is so strong…we need to stand strongly with them…We need to strengthen our alliances and I include NATO in that,” Clinton told O’Reilly pointedly, her GOP rival Donald Trump having suggested NATO is “obsolete.”

“We’ve got to do more to understand that this is a war against these terrorist groups…a different kind of group…we have to be smart in how we wage it,” Clinton said.

“One of my priorities is to launch an intelligence surge,” the candidate continued. “We still do not have enough intelligence cooperation between our agencies and those in other countries, including in Europe, and we need to have a focal point…in NATO.”

Clinton called it ISIS’s “dream” to draw more U.S. ground troops into the fight, insisting Kurdish and Iraqi fighters have been able to “do a much better job.”

France’s President Francois Holland, meanwhile, said tonight in a news conference his country “as a whole is under the threat of Islamic terrorism. We have to demonstrate absolute vigilance and show determination that is unfailing” and that he will maintain a “high level of police forces, with 10,00 military staff, as well as our police forces.” He extended the country’s state of emergency, which was supposed to end on July 26, by three months and said France would “strengthen our efforts in Syria and Iraq against those who are attacking us on our very soil.”