UPDATE, 8:17 PM: The Republican nominee wasn’t silent for long after Elizabeth Warren lanced into Donald Trump tonight during primetime at the DNC. Donald Trump stayed off Twitter during the Massachusetts Senator’s keynote in the City of Brotherly Love but he took her to task not long afterwards, claiming he was “misrepresented.”

Virtually opening with the nickname he’s been trying to lock to Warren, check out Trump’s tweet here:

PREVIOUSLY, 8 PM: “Trump’s entire campaign is just one more late night Trump infomercial,” said Elizabeth Warren tonight at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. “Hand over your money, your jobs, your children’s future and the great Trump hot air machine will reveal all the answers,” she added, saying that Donald Trump hopes to win by “fanning the flames of fear and hatred.”

With hopes for party unity needing solidifying, the expectation Monday at the fractured DNC was that the Massachusetts Senator would deliver a keynote full of progressive philosophy and whacks on Donald Trump, and that’s what she did as Bill Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders looked on in the Wells Fargo Center. “Bernie reminds us what Democrats fight for every day, thank you Bernie,” Warren said at the start of her remarks

“I’m with Hillary,” said the first term Senator to the primetime audience on NBC, ABC, CBS and the cable newsers over chants from the crowd in Philly. “We’re not going to be Donald Trump’s hate-filled America—not now, not ever!” Uncharacteristically, Trump himself did not respond on social media during or immediately after the speech.

Maybe it was because the speech wasn’t as personally harsh as when Warren called him “a small, insecure money-grubber who fights for nobody but himself” back on June 27 at a rally with the former Secretary of State, but tonight’s speech was coming from the same song book for the ex-Harvard Law School professor. And Warren had more GOPers than Trump in mind: “To every Republican in Congress who said ‘No,’ this November the American people are coming for you.”

Coming onstage after impassioned “we will rise” words of New Jersey Senator Cory Booker and unifying remarks from First Lady Michelle Obama, Clinton backer Warren will be followed in primetime by Sanders himself on what has been a contentious opening day of the Dems’ bash.

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