The Daily Show With Trevor Noah tonight dipped its toes back into the overtly political waters forded regularly under the captaincy of former host Jon Stewart with a fiery, blunt takedown of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump. The reason? Per tradition, Donald Trump caused no small amount of controversy earlier today during a press conference to talk about the recent hack of DNC computers and subsequent distribution via Wikileaks of highly embarrassing (though not particularly revelatory) Democratic party emails, he appeared to speak out in favor of cyber attacks by foreign governments against US citizens.

See, the release of the email records was apparently timed to maximize Democratic Party humiliation, and security experts are already claiming the hack was the work of agents of the Russian government, claims being investigated by the FBI. “Russia, if you’re listening,” said Trump during the presser, “I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” referring, of course, to emails deleted by Hillary Clinton during her time as U.S. Secretary of State.

Trump’s comments came even as his own Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence issued a statement condemning the hack, baffling timing to say the least. On tonight’s episode of The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah summed up the non supporter reaction: “Are You Sh****g Me?!”

“Did this guy running for President just ask Russia to hack America?” asked Noah. “You know,” Noah continued, “for a guy who’s claiming to bring jobs back to America, he’s sure started outsourcing them real quick.”

“Have you ever seen The Manchurian Candidate?”, Noah added, talking about the Frank Sinatra film in which a brainwashed Communist agent runs for President. “Trump is like if The Manchurian Candidate ran for office as the Manchurian Candidate.”

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