GOP nominee Donald Trump can get away with saying he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose votes because people are really angry, said the politician whose candidacy was mortally wounded by a nutty scream during a speech.

“This campaign is about globalization, about Brexit,” former Vermont Gov. and presidential candidate Howard Dean said at TCA, while promoting PBS’s eight-part series The Contenders: 16 for 16. “Globalization is wonderful for young people who are incredibly digital-literate. And a whole lot of older people are being left behind,” Dean said.

“Trump hasn’t released his tax returns – I still wonder if he paid any taxes – but he can get away with it because people don’t care. Like Brexit, if people really understood what it meant, they would not have voted for it. But they did, because they’re angry.”

Newt Gingrich said it best, Dean remarked, when he said that most times after a party has been in power for eight years people want to reset the table, but this year they just want to kick the table over and don’t care much about the consequences.

But, like the Brexit morning-after remorse the press is writing about going on in the UK, “They will if Trump is elected,” Dean warned American voters. 

Asked which convention did it best, Dean voted for the DNC, if only because the RNC stepped on its message the first three nights what with Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech on Monday, and the Trump camp’s poor reaction to that on Tuesday, followed by the bad decision to let Ted Cruz take the stage on Wednesday to give his ringing non-endorsement of the candidate. “Do I don’t think the Republican convention did what it was supposed to do – but it was heavily watched.” The DNC, he said, did a better job of staying on point and got Bernie Sanders on board “which is a big deal.”

The Contenders – 16 for 16 debuts Tuesday, September 13. The series revisits the campaigns of Dean, Michael Dukakis, Geraldine Ferraro, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Ralph Nader and more.