Foodles Production, the Disney-owned production company responsible for working on the UK et of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has admitted two health and safety breaches following the accident that crushed Harrison Ford’s leg. Ford found himself pinned by a hydraulic door on the set of the Millennium Falcon spaceship during filming. A Milton Keynes magistrates court heard that the accident could have killed the then-71 year old Ford, who was reprising his iconic turn as Han Solo, comparing it to the force of being hit by a small car. The accident took place at Pinewood Studios on June 12, 2014. Ford was airlifted to a nearby hospital following the accident.

Foodles pleaded guilty to one count under section two of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, relating to a breach of duty in relation to employees, and a second under section three, a breach over people not employed by the company. The company will be sentenced on August 22 at Aylesbury crown court. Foodles execs are expected to contest the level of risk of the accident.

A rep for the government’s Health and Safety Executive said, “The British film industry has a world-renowned reputation for making exceptional films. Managing on-set risks in a sensible and proportionate way for all actors and staff – regardless of their celebrity status – is vital to protecting both on-screen and off-screen talent, as well as protecting the reputation of the industry.”