“When titans clash … no one wins.” Conan O’Brien and his TBS late-night show are back at Comic-Con in San Diego for a second consecutive year, airing from the Spreckles Theatre. Wednesday’s night first Conan of the SDCC season opened with the host and his longtime sidekick Andy Richter squaring off in a Batman v Superman homage/takedown. After taking in a screening of X-Men vs. The Avengers — down, fanboys, down! — they brawl over a spat so trivial, they soon forget what it was.

“Why are we fighting again?” a puzzled Richter says amid a convenient downpour. “It doesn’t matter,” O’Brien yells back. “People pays billions of dollars to see this shit.” And with that, the epic struggle begins, with plenty of bone-crushing, back-breaking, slap-fighting, Hello Kitty-smashing mayhem. Watch the full “Conan V Andy: Dawn Of ConanCon” battle above.

Just for old times’ sake, here’s a link to last year’s Conan-at-Comic-Con promo, in which O’Brien and Richter travel south Mad Max: Fury Road-style.