Two years after the accident that led organizers to cancel the 2015 event, the annual ZombieWalk is returning to San Diego Comic-Con, possibly for the last time. Organizers of the fan event made the announcement on Facebook this afternoon, noting that 2016 is the ZombieWalk’s 10th anniversary and urging participants “Do NOT miss this year … it may be your last chance to shamble with America’s Finest Zombies!”

Established in 2006, the ZombieWalk is an unofficial parade of Comic-Con attendees and other fans who dress in costume as zombies and shamble through the streets of San Diego near the Convention Center and into the city’s Gaslamp Quarter. In 2014, a 64-year-old woman was struck and seriously injured by a driver who drove through an intersection during that year’s Walk after becoming panicked. The driver had become impatient by the slow pace of the march and began honking at participants, some of whom began to vandalize his vehicle. According to San Diego police, the driver’s windshield was shattered and at least one video showed a participant opening the car’s back door, where the driver’s children were seated. The driver was later convicted of reckless driving and sentenced to home confinement and community service.

ZombieWalk 2016 is being melded with the 2016 Flex Your Rex / Dino-Mite Fun Walk which sees people in various Tyranosaurus Rex costumes parading around Downtown San Diego. The dual event is scheduled to go down Saturday, July 23 from 6:00 to 7:00 PM, though that time is subject to change.