Amazon will be taking over a corner of downtown San Diego directly across from the Convention Center during Comic-Con 2016 with the establishment of Amazon Village, an interactive experience for fans that marks the biggest-ever presence the streaming service has had at the annual geek confab. Joining previously announced panels for The Man in the High Castle and Thunderbirds Are Go, Amazon Village will give fans an up-close look at both shows all four days of the convention.

The Man in the High Castle tent inside the Amazon Village will feature a pop-up museum that allows fans to experience the Japanese Pacific States and the Greater Nazi Reich featured on the show’s alternate-history setting in which the Axis powers won World War II. Re-creations of the sets, costumes and artifacts from the show will be on hand, along with a virtual reality challenge based on the series.

Thunderbirds Are Go Amazon

Meanwhile, the Thunderbirds Are Go tent will include life-size characters from the series for fans to interact with, the chance to have photo taken in the cutting-edge Thunderbird 2 vehicle and to see how the live-action model elements of the series are created. The model on display, made by five-time Oscar-winning New Zealand concept design and manufacturing facility Weta Workshop, will feature a miniature of downtown San Diego.

Amazon Village will be open to the public, with no Comic-Con badge required for admission. The public can attend from 9 AM-7 PM July 21-22, 9 AM-8 PM July 23 and 9 AM-5 PM July 24.