Fox’s Bones made its San Diego Comic-Con swan song today, and according to showrunner/EP Michael Peterson, two recurring characters from previous seasons will die in the series’ 12th and final go-round.

“No one at this table,” said Peterson, “make your guess.” And this morning’s table included Emily Deschanel (Brennan), David Boreanaz (Booth), Michaela Conlin (Angela Montenegro), T.J. Thyne (Jack), Tamara Taylor (Camille), Eugene Byrd (Dr. Clark), and John Boyd (James Aubrey).

Well, after the twisted Zack Addy (Eric Millegan) kidnapped Brennan at the end of last season, gosh, could it be him?

“His story isn’t over yet, and we’ll bring him back for three to four episodes,” said Peterson. “You asked for him, we brought him back.”

Deschanel exclaimed that she hoped her character doesn’t end. “Hopefully not death. I hope there’s some sort of happy ending on some level. I would like to see Brennan grow even more.”

Other tidbits coming out of today’s panel: Deschanel is directing the season premiere which goes into production on Monday. “I recently just did a week and half of prep,” said the actress who also serves as a producer. Deschanel directs after Boreanaz helmed the season 11 finale “The Nightmare in the Nightmare”.

“Because we have 12 episodes and not 22, everything that happens with these characters is going to happen at a faster pace,” said EP Jonathan Collier.

Bones returns in 2017.