WGN’s hit new series Underground did more than just put the burgeoning network on the map. The series, about a group of revolutionaries trying to escape enslavement, does deeper than its premise. “The show becomes about worth, it’s ‘What is your worth at the end of the day?'” offered Alano Miller, who plays the cunning Cato, one of the seven escapees (deemed the Macon 7).

The show portrays the bravery of  slaves who, amid the grave danger and uncertainty, use there perseverance and ingenuity to fight for their freedom.  Although set in the 19th century, Underground’s underlying message is still relevant to present times, according to Miller.  “We’re living in a society where we are still as people, fighting for our worth, our individuality, our voice.”

“The timing of Underground coming out” he continues, “at a time where we need to have a unification, where we need to have some ownership, where we need to remind ourselves what we come from the greatness that is in all of us, is really what this show is all about.”

Despite the hard-to-watch depictions of inhuman treatment that slaves endured, Miller insisted that said content is important. “I think people need not to be afraid of our past and see it for what it is… If we don’t acknowledge our past than how can we move forward?”