5TH UPDATE, Thursday, June 2, 7:30 AM with identifications: Police have officially identified the two men left dead in yesterday’s shooting on the UCLA campus, TV news outlets began reporting this morning. William Klug, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, allegedly was shot and killed by former doctoral student Mainak Sarkar at an office in Engineering Building IV. Police believe Sarkar who had made accusations against Klug in a string of disturbing blog posts, then turned the gun on himself, though the investigation is ongoing.

4TH UPDATE, June 1, 12:02 PM with LAPD Chief Charlie Beck news conference:  “At about 10 this morning homicide and suicide occurred. It appears it is entirely contained,” LAPD chief Charlie Beck said just after noon PT in Westwood. He said there is no continuing threat to UCLA campus “and they are on the process of releasing students from lockdown. At that point this investigation will be handed over to robbery-homicide department of LAPD and it will become a homicide investigation.”

Beck confirmed the two dead were males, the shooting happened in an office, a gun was recovered at the scene and what might be a suicide note. He did not release identity of the two dead, or say whether they were students or faculty.

Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said President Obama had been briefed on the shooting and had asked to be updated on situation.

3RD UPDATE, 11:44 AM: “There are two victims that are deceased from that shooting. It is still an active investigation,” UCLA Police Chief Jim Herren said at a news conference. Authorities still are searching to make sure there are no further victims, he said. The victims were inside the building.

“It is possible one of the victims is a shooter,” Herren said. When asked, he agreed it was possible it was a shooting/suicide, but said he had no specific information.

2ND UPDATE, 11:21 AM: UCLA is confirming two dead in campus shooting.

The LAPD press release:

At approximately 10:00 a.m. this morning Los Angeles police officers responded to multiple calls of shots fired on the UCLA campus.  Both LAPD and UCLA police began a search for suspects and victims.  The LAPD has confirmed that two males were located suffering gunshot wounds.  The LAPD is continuing a methodical search of the campus and surrounding areas; however, no additional suspects have been seen. Also on scene is the Los Angeles Fire Department.  The LAPD is actively engaged in securing the safety of students and surrounding community.

The Los Angeles Police Department reminds you that in dynamic situations, preliminary information is often inaccurate.  Please rely on information provided by the Los Angeles Police Department and UCLA officials.

Meanwhile, FilmL.A. said there was no permitted filming scheduled in the “immediate vicinity” of UCLA today. It also says the LAPD tactical alert will not effect filming “at the moment” in other parts of the city.

UPDATE, 11:10 AM:  LAPD, UCLA police and FBI are on the scene, LAPD Capt. Andy Neiman says at a news conference near campus. The FBI reponded because they are in “such close proximity.” Also on the scene are fire department personnel and trucks and a bomb squad, though there has been no report of a bomb, Neiman said.

The city has been placed on “tactical alert” which he said is a system for the LAPD to “quickly re-alocate resources” adding, “it does NOT mean something is going on in all parts of the city. “

“If you are not at UCLA, stay away from the area. If you are on the roadway, please pull off” if you hear sirens.

Asked by a reporter whether he could confirm a description of a shooter dressed all in black, Neiman said he could not, nor could he confirm how many suspects.

PREVIOUS, 11:02 AM: The City of Los Angeles was put on “tactical alert” after two people were shot at UCLA campus in Westwood.

The campus’s approximately 43K students were warned shortly before 10 AM to shelter in place because of a shooting in or near Engineering Building IV, in the center of the dense campus. Two people are “down” according to police.

Local news covered first, but cable news networks tore themselves away from GOP candidate Donald Trump shortly thereafter and are now doing wall-to-wall coverage of the unfolding shooting incident.

Police cars could be heard tearing across Santa Monica Boulevard past Penske Media Corp. offices on their way to the campus.

UCLA Campus

Deadline’s Erik Pedersen, Denise Petski and Patrick Hipes contributed to this report.