Comedy Central’s The Daily Show host Trevor Noah, like his late night colleagues, opened his first program since the Orlando mass shooting addressing the tragedy and, like his colleagues, noted now “normal” it has become.

“We’re shocked…we mourn, we change our profile pics, and we move on,” he said. President Obama, he noted, now has given more speeches on gun violence than he’s given state dinners while in office. The press briefing room from which he has given many of these speeches is named after a victim of gun violence.

Those opposed to gun control say the violence is not about the guns. But, after 9/11, the government was able to make it harder for terrorists to get to the weapon they’d used: airplanes, Noah pointed out. That’s because, “what we didn’t do was say, ‘Oh, this has nothing to do with airplanes’.”

ISIS loves the NRA’s position on gun control, Noah said, because “ISIS without guns is just a blog.”