Welcome to Deadline’s live blog of the 70th annual Antoinette Perry Awards, better known as the Tonys, broadcast by CBS beginning at 8 PM New York time. As you undoubtedly know by now, an evening that has been anticipated as the final coronation of Hamilton, the musical sensation of this or pretty much any season, has been darkened by the news from Orlando, where an attack by a lone terrorist at the Pulse nightclub on Saturday night left 50 dead and 53 wounded. The Broadway community responded early by dedicating tonight’s event to the families of the victims, and it’s likely that the attack — which took place in a gay club and appears to have been a hate crime and terrorist act — will be on the minds of presenters, winners and the evening’s emcee, Late Late Show host and Tony winner James Corden.

As for the Tonys themselves, don’t forget that this has been, by universal acclaim, one of the best seasons in memory, the result being very tight races in many categories, and plenty of stars abounding in both the nominated categories and as presenters. And look for Barbra Streisand making her first Tony appearance since winning an honorary award 46 years ago. Greg Evans and Jeremy Gerard will be watching for all of that, with additional news from backstage at the Beacon Theatre.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20164:50 pm

CBS took advantage of its telecast to re-run and update Charlie Rose’s “60 Minutes” story about Lin-Manuel Miranda. Man, this much publicity for “Hamilton” would cost…the price of a ticket to “Hamilton.” 

Greg Evans June 12, 20164:51 pm

It’s an excellent report though, isn’t it? Really captures the tone and mood of Hamilton.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20164:53 pm

Yes, though I wonder how the actresses feel about all the wiliness. Too many close-ups!

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20164:53 pm

There’s no shortage of security outside the Beacon Theatre in the wake of this morning’s tragedy in Orlando.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20164:55 pm

The presence of plainclothes police with various types of arms was unmissable on the Manhattan streets today, especially on the Upper West Side.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20164:56 pm

And here we go as the show begins.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20164:57 pm

The promo calls it “Your one chance” to see Hamilton. Roger that…

Greg Evans June 12, 20164:59 pm

That promo was a win-win for Hamilton and the Tony broadcast itself.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:00 pm

One thing I’ll be looking for is how many digs are made at Hollywood, given the extraordinary diversity of this year’s nominees….

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:01 pm

Corden opens on a serious note: “On behalf of the theater community our hearts go out to everyone affected by this tragedy. Hater is a place where ..hate will never win…This is the Tony Awards.”

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:03 pm

The opening riffs on the opening of Hamilton to introduce Corden. Fabulous. And Hamilton’s Tony nominee Daveed Diggs is clearly an audience fave.

Greg Evans June 12, 20165:03 pm

Very clever opening musical bit, with Corden taking over the Hamilton number. 

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:03 pm

Corden wearing that ribbon designed by William Ivey Long to honor the Orlando dead.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:04 pm

And there it is: “Think of tonight as the Oscars, but with diversity,” Corden says. Didn’t take long…

Greg Evans June 12, 20165:04 pm

America will come to know Daveed Diggs well, I suspect. A star in the making…

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:05 pm

Uh oh — the opening number looks like the set from The Flick.

Greg Evans June 12, 20165:06 pm

Obligatory ‘Les Miz” reference…

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:07 pm

Les Miz? Really? 

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:07 pm

This is looking like an ad for the Shuberts….

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:08 pm

The quick-changes remind me of Corden’s astonishing performance in One Man Two Gunners, for which he won his Tony…

Greg Evans June 12, 20165:08 pm

And first Barbra joke of the night.

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20165:11 pm

James Corden gets things started

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20165:11 pm

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:12 pm

Neat trick including all the musical actor nominees in the very long opening number. The crowd at the Beacon loving it, but I wonder how viewers felt. 

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20165:12 pm

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:14 pm

The great Jayne Houdyshell gives The Humans its first win of the night.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:16 pm

And she pays tribute not only to author Stephen Karam but to director Joe Mantello and the cast as well. Lovely.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:17 pm

I want Andrew Lloyd Webber’s tailor. 

Greg Evans June 12, 20165:17 pm

“School of Rock” performance, from one of the few shows I can think of that more than survives the film to stage transition, yes?

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:18 pm

Yes. Pure fun, I guess you could call it un-adult-erated.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:18 pm

And I hate those kids who play guitar at 15 better than I do at…at…whatever

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20165:19 pm

Greg Evans June 12, 20165:19 pm

You beat me to it…

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20165:21 pm

Greg Evans June 12, 20165:23 pm

Folks outside the beautiful Beacon getting a nice surprise with all-star jam. Steve Martin, Miranda…

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:23 pm

And Andrew Lloyd Webber on tambourine!

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20165:24 pm

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:24 pm

But singing “Tomorrow.” Really?

Greg Evans June 12, 20165:24 pm

And not on-key either.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:25 pm

So far, we’re nearly a half hour onto the show — and one award has been bestowed…

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20165:26 pm

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:26 pm

I love the fact that there’s a commercial for a new movie called “Equity” on the Tonys. Equity. Get it?

Greg Evans June 12, 20165:27 pm

Moving along…

“Shuffle Along” cast sounds great outside the Beacon…
Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:29 pm

Renee Elise Goldsberry wins Hamilton’s first Tony of the night, for best featured actress in a musical.

Greg Evans June 12, 20165:30 pm

She plays the sister-in-law of Hamilton, and his secret beloved. A fantastic performance, beautifully sung…

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:32 pm

And a powerful, gracious and heartfelt acceptance speech. That’s how it’s done, folks.

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20165:32 pm

Greg Evans June 12, 20165:33 pm

I’m always interested to see how stage shows come across on the small screen. I didn’t think Shuffle Along would work, but it has a nice energy that comes through.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:34 pm

I agree. But don’t you find a lot of these camera angles bizarre?

Greg Evans June 12, 20165:35 pm

So far not so much. After the sweaty close-ups on 60 Minutes, I’m relieved…

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20165:36 pm

Greg Evans June 12, 20165:36 pm

Do you think Audra McDonald was snubbed by Tony? Anyone you’d remove from Musical Actress category for her?

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:36 pm

Also bizarre: The current casts singing bits from old shows outside the theater as lede-ins to commercials….

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:38 pm

That’s a touchy one. I adore Audra but I think she was too old for this role. I didn’t think she was snubbed. In that role, I felt the fantastic Ana Villafane, from On Your Feet. deserved a nomination for her amazing performance as Gloria Estefan. She wuz robbed. 

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20165:39 pm

Clint Ramos, who won for costume design of a play for Eclipsed, said backstage that he found the costumes in thrift shops, Salvation Army. He searched all around for American-style clothes like that. He noted that the show is about “ow the human spirit can triumph.”

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:39 pm

I guess we’re hearing about the awards that won’t be given onscreen live.

Greg Evans June 12, 20165:40 pm

Odd. Costume award seems ready-made for TV.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:42 pm

Pauk Tazewell won for his Hamilton costumes. That’s #2.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:43 pm

And #3 — audience favorite Daveed Diggs wins as Hamilton’s Lafayette and Jefferson.

Greg Evans June 12, 20165:44 pm

Take note America, you’ll be seeing more of Daveed Diggs.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:44 pm

Give him an award for that outfit! And another fantastic speech.

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20165:45 pm

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20165:45 pm

Greg Evans June 12, 20165:45 pm

With all the endless coverage of “Hamilton,” I wonder if everyone knows how funny the show is? And Diggs is one of the funniest on the stage.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:48 pm

Lin-Manuel Miranda wins the first of his three nominations, for the Hamilton score. And he references Orlando in his beautiful sonnet acceptance speech, very emotional.

Greg Evans June 12, 20165:49 pm

Also, announced earlier, Ham wins for Best lighting design

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20165:49 pm

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:50 pm

Meg Ryan, frozen in time…

Greg Evans June 12, 20165:52 pm

Zachary Levi nails the Jimmy Stewart vibe, doesn’t he?

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:53 pm

She Loves Me is the first of two nominated shows written by the incomparable, ageless lyricist Sheldon Harnick. Laura Benanti, singing Ice Cream from She Loves Me is a glorious throwback to operetta. Later we’ll hear from Harnick’s next show, Fiddler On The Roof, also a best revival nominee…

Greg Evans June 12, 20165:56 pm

Benanti was one of two or three performers to come through that live “Sound of Music” telecast unscathed. She works well on screen.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20165:58 pm

Update on off-camera wins — Natasha Katz wins for lighting Long Day’s Journey Into Night. David Rockwell won for his set for She Loves Me, denying Hamilton that award.

Greg Evans June 12, 20165:59 pm

I’m actually ok with these outdoor performances of Broadway chestnuts, as long as they keep it short.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:00 pm

Hamilton tally so far: Four (score, featured actor and actress in a musical, lighting)

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:02 pm

Ivo von Hove wins for his direction of A View From The Bridge. I was in the minority on this one. But the voters clearly didn’t forget this show, which closed some time ago. 

Greg Evans June 12, 20166:02 pm

A great year for Van Hove, who just won for directing View from the Bridge. And he gives shout out to David Bowie – Van Hove directed the late, great Ziggy’s “Lazarus” off broadway.

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20166:02 pm

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:03 pm

Lazarus was brilliant indeed. Tommy Kail takes the directing award for Hamilton, #5 — asks his wife, How’m I doing — shades of Ed Koch!

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:06 pm

Josh Groban as a high school Tevye — fantastic anthropological find

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:07 pm

But he mispronounces Danny Burstein’s name. A shonda, as some would say.

Greg Evans June 12, 20166:08 pm

So how does this Fiddler stack up against all the productions you’ve seen, Groban not included??

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:08 pm

I’m thinking Fiddler was in one way the Hamilton of its day — no one didn’t love it. And Lin-Manuel Miranda performed it at his own wedding. It’s on youtube.

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20166:08 pm

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:10 pm

I was also in the minority on the Fiddler, but having seen Zero Mostel and Theo Bikel, I was pretty spoiled.

Greg Evans June 12, 20166:13 pm

I’m even a fan of the generally unloved film version with Topol. Am I right in thinking it was unloved?

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:14 pm


Erik Pedersen June 12, 20166:14 pm

Paul Tazwell, who won for costume design for Hamilton, said he would tell people to “be passionate about what they love to do.Hold to it and it will come around. You will realize your own Hamilton.”

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:14 pm

Also my daughter Emily played Tevye at camp. She was spectacular.

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20166:15 pm

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:18 pm

Greg who’s more adorable, Rannels or Ronin?

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:18 pm

Hooray for Reed Birney, winning for The Humans, a spectacular performance for a long-deserving actor.

Greg Evans June 12, 20166:18 pm

And very happy Birney just won. Your recent interview with him was wonderful.

Greg Evans June 12, 20166:21 pm

Steve Martin on how to get to Broadway: “Do what I did – already be famous.”

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20166:22 pm

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:22 pm

Reed Birney acknowledges that 35 of his 42 years in the profession “were pretty bad.” What an amazing comeback he has had, first with Casa Valentina and now with The Humans. And don’t forget his amazing off-Broadway performance in Uncle Vanya at Soho Rep. Glad to see the two parents from The Humans win their hard-won Tonys.

Greg Evans June 12, 20166:25 pm

Ok, I see what you mean about the camera angles. I’m got vertigo watching “Bright Star.”

Greg Evans June 12, 20166:28 pm

Vertigo aside, I don’t think that performance did “Bright Star” any favors. Ho-hum.

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20166:30 pm

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20166:32 pm

Shuffling along…

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:32 pm

Agree on Bright Star. And Hamilton tally update: Seven so far. But it can not break The Producers’ record of 12 wins. 

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:33 pm

Best bit of the night: James Corden showing every nominees performances in Law & Order. Brilliant.

Greg Evans June 12, 20166:33 pm

The Tonys share the “Law & Order” joke with the world – every Playbill bio of every Broadway actor lists at least one “Law & Order” credit, the bread and butter of New York actors.

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20166:34 pm

Greg Evans June 12, 20166:37 pm

I think Hamilton is up to 8 now, or did I lose count? 

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:37 pm

Law & Order is for this generation what The Fantasticks was for an earlier one. The link between them? El Gallo himself, the late great Jerry Orbach. 

Greg Evans June 12, 20166:39 pm

“Color Purple” looking impressive with that performance…

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:41 pm

yes — despite the damned camera work. Why can’t they just show the stage?

Greg Evans June 12, 20166:41 pm

Angela Lansbury looking even more impressive. What a wonder…

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:42 pm

Nathan Lane with the first Trump joke of the night, I think.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:43 pm

Jessica Lange wins for Long Day’s Journey Into Night — another brilliant performance by one who deserves it. She is a marvel. And she acknowledges Orlando right off the bat.

Greg Evans June 12, 20166:44 pm

She thanks Ryan Murphy, her American Horror Story pal.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:44 pm

I’ve seen so many performances of the O’Neill masterpiece and this is the first one that really sang to me. I’m happy to see her acknowledge the Roundabout’s Todd Haimes. What a year he has had.

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20166:45 pm

Fiddler on the Roof

Greg Evans June 12, 20166:45 pm

Lange’s now done Mary Tyrone and Blanche Du Bois, am I right? Is there a third classic she needs to tackle? Not Mama Rose certainly.

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20166:46 pm

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:46 pm

I didn’t see when they announced that Lin-Manuel won for the Hamilton score as well as book. So Ham has 8 Tonys.  Now Greg watch Ana Villafane and see a star in the making.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:51 pm

Kudos to producer Ken Davenport first for bringing the beautiful Deaf West revival of Spring Awakening to Broadway this season and I assume for bringing the extraordinary cast back for the Tonys. This was as memorable as Deaf West’s first Broadway visit, with the revival of Roger Miller’s Huck Finn music, Big River.  

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20166:53 pm

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:54 pm

Sheldon Harnick, not on the live broadcast: Thank you (for his honorary Tony for  lifetime achievement). If I didn’t deserve it, this would be embarrassing. As the wise man said, it’s not bragging if it’s true.

Greg Evans June 12, 20166:55 pm

Corden holding his own rapping with Miranda in a car…

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:58 pm

This Les Miz quintet in the Mini is pretty darned great. Better than the whole movie.

Greg Evans June 12, 20166:58 pm

Audra McDonald, Jane Krakowsi, L-M Miranda, Cordin and Jesse Tyler Ferguson belting showtunes in a car. A theater geek’s fantasy.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20166:58 pm

What the heck is Cate Blanchett wearing?

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20167:00 pm

Frank Langella wins his fourth Tony for The Father.

Greg Evans June 12, 20167:00 pm

Says he was warned by a teacher that success will come late in his life. “I thought she meant 30.” Maybe the best line of the night.

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20167:02 pm

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20167:02 pm

He discards the litany of names for a moving tribute to the Orlando victims. Very powerful. Bravo.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20167:03 pm

Here’s the mirror scene from Spring Awakening, Unforgettable. 

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20167:04 pm

Two actresses, one role, one deaf, one hearing. Making a Broadway musical a dance of ecstasy. 

Greg Evans June 12, 20167:05 pm

And I think the revolving camera work actually paid off there, circling the two actresses…

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20167:06 pm

Duncan Sheik had two shows on Broadway this season — his brilliant Spring Awakening in this revival, and American Psycho — which I doubt we’ll see revived anytime soon.

Greg Evans June 12, 20167:07 pm

Indeed not. If “School of Rock” was a screen to stage success, “American Psycho” was the opposite. Though I have to admit I enjoyed more of it than most critics did, particularly the first act.

Greg Evans June 12, 20167:08 pm

And our first look on TV of the new “Absolutely Fabulous” movie with a commercial. Talk about targeted marketing.

Greg Evans June 12, 20167:09 pm

I should say “upcoming” movie, lest we have Tony viewers rushing to theaters tonight.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20167:09 pm

Well I can’t wait to see it….

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20167:12 pm

Bright Star

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20167:18 pm

A View From the Bridge wins best revival. Scott Rudin accepts.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20167:20 pm

A videotaped tribute from the White House — to Hamilton.

Greg Evans June 12, 20167:21 pm

Here comes “Hamilton” performance. 

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20167:24 pm

I can’t think of any number from the show that wouldn’t sell Hamilton. Oops there was the night’s first bleep.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20167:25 pm

That should sell some tickets. Oh I forgot, there aren’t any.

Greg Evans June 12, 20167:25 pm

I was hoping they’d do the rap battle between Hamilton and Jerfferson, but I guess there’s no arguing with “My Shot.” It’s big, fast and dramatic.

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20167:25 pm

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20167:28 pm

I was hoping for The Room Where It Happens. Best song, best staging. But this was still great. 

Greg Evans June 12, 20167:28 pm

The Beacon Theatre looks great, by the way. Not a Broadway theater, technically, but one of New York’s great, beautiful concert venues, longtime home to many an Allman Brothers concert.

Greg Evans June 12, 20167:28 pm

And that’s the last time I’ll say “great” for the night.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20167:30 pm

Yes, much better than Radio City Music Hall, which looks cavernous. But let’s remember that the Tonys began in 1947 as a local event with the ceremony held in a hotel ballroom. I often wonder what price has been paid for the global phenom the Tonys have become.

Greg Evans June 12, 20167:31 pm

Christian Borle presenting, the other “Sound of Music Live” performer beside Laura Benanti who emerged from that production intact. 

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20167:32 pm

Here’s a nod to future presidential candidate Chuck Schumer for getting tax breaks for theater comparable to those enjoyed by movies and TV.

Greg Evans June 12, 20167:32 pm

Regarding the hotel ballroom presentations of olde, we’ll always have “All About Eve.” 

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20167:32 pm

Cynthia Erivo from The Color Purple

Greg Evans June 12, 20167:35 pm

“The Humans” scores another win for Scott Rudin & Co.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20167:35 pm

The Humans wins best play. Scott Rudin acknowledging the crowd on stage — this is how many people it takes to produce new play on Broadway.

Greg Evans June 12, 20167:36 pm

Is director Joe Mantello not in the house?

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20167:37 pm

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20167:37 pm

That’s five wins for The Humans. 9 for Hamilton. 

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20167:37 pm

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20167:38 pm

Kerri Russell, star of the film The Waitress, introduces the number from the musical it spawned, with the great Jessie Mueller in the lead.

Greg Evans June 12, 20167:39 pm

Dan Rather tweets that this may be the best Tony telecast ever. Wouldn’t go that far, but it’s proceeding at a brisk pace, Cordin is charming and it doesn’t have the antic, frantic feel that Neil Patrick Harris brought. Heresy, I know. 

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20167:41 pm

Sarah Bareilles and Jessie Mueller duet on Sarah’s killer number from the show, She Used to Be Mine.

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20167:41 pm

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20167:51 pm

Andrew Rannells and Glenn Close do Trump and Hill in “musicals” — Glenn singing I really Need This Job from A Chorus Line, here called A Clinton Line.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20167:52 pm

The Color Purple wins best musical revival — pretty well expected in a very strong category.

Greg Evans June 12, 20167:53 pm

I’m thinking a new show with Glenn Close as Hillary and Meryl Streep reprising her recent impersonation of Trump. Scott Rudin, are you listening?

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20167:55 pm

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20167:59 pm

I’m predicting now that Hamilton will end up with 11 Tonys. Lets see how I do as we enter the home stretch. 

Greg Evans June 12, 20168:01 pm

Sweet “In Memoriam” segment. We lost some beloved ones this year. Roger Reese, Doris Roberts, Bowie, to name a very few.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20168:01 pm

We’re officially over the time limit. And no Babs yet.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20168:02 pm

Leslie Odom Jr, Aaron Burr in Hamilton, wins est performance by an actor in a musical.

Greg Evans June 12, 20168:02 pm

Woah, wasn’t expecting that. But I can’t argue with it.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20168:03 pm

Odom won over Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton. But he walks off with the show in The Room Where It Happens.

Greg Evans June 12, 20168:04 pm

That number certainly won him the award.

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20168:04 pm

(Read in Jeff Spicoli voice) All right, Hamilton!

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20168:05 pm

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20168:06 pm

Cynthia Erivo wins for The Color Purple, also expected in a super strong category even without my fave, Ana Villafane.

Greg Evans June 12, 20168:08 pm

Erivo’s gown is very Labelle circa ’75. Looks fine.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20168:10 pm

So far, Shuffle Along has been totally blanked, which is a shame. School of Rock, too, and Bright Star.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20168:10 pm

Here comes Barbra. 

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20168:11 pm

What gams!

Greg Evans June 12, 20168:11 pm

Standing ovation.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20168:12 pm

You’re making me verklemt, she says. She also nods to Orlando. She is dressed as if auditioning for Hamilton.

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20168:12 pm

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20168:13 pm

I was right — she says Thank God i picked the right outfit — before announcing Hamilton as winner of Best Musical.

Greg Evans June 12, 20168:17 pm

Very cool to see a “Hamilton” performance with the cast in street clothes. Well, very expensive street clothes.

Jeremy Gerard June 12, 20168:17 pm

Look around, look around how lucky are we to be alive, says producer Jeffrey Seller. And my number? On the mark: Hamilton wins 9 Tony awards. And The Humans wins Four. And with that, we sign off our live blog. Stay tuned for my review of the show.  

Erik Pedersen June 12, 20168:17 pm