Stephen Colbert and Scott Bakula (aka Sam Beckett) travel, Quantum Leap style, back to the 50’s to try to change the course of this election cycle by altering Donald Trump’s life. Colbert’s suggestion involves a crowbar, the East River, and no one else being around.

It does not go particularly well, so we’re assuming Trump still won’t appear as Seth Meyers’ guest on NBC’s Late Night. Meyers on Tuesday night banned Donald Trump from appearing on his show because, Meyers said, Trump had reached a new low by pulling press credentials of the Washington Post over a headline. WaPo was banned for a headline on its coverage of Trump’s ominous post-Orlando comments in which the candidate seemed to suggest President Barack Obama is sympathetic to ISIS sympathizers.  If you guessed Trump responded with an insult to Seth Meyers show ratings, you are correct.

Presumably Trump won’t appear on Colbert’s late-night show either, any time soon, given that, one night earlier, Colbert diagrammed Trump’s Obama-ISIS comments, and discovered a swastika.