Seth Meyers continues to hatch plans to get Donald Trump out of the presidential race as D.C. Republicans duck into elevators to dodge questions about their presumptive nominee and even Vladimir Putin is distancing himself from Trump.

Meyers noted one former Trump adviser told Politico last week that the candidate probably would agree to drop out for $150M. Yes, Trump scoffed at that idea at a recent rally speech, but he added, “Now, for $5 billion I guess we’d have to think about it, right?”

“It’s a hard ‘no’ on $150 million, but he’ll think about it for $5B. Now, based on everything I read in The Art of the Deal, I’m thinking we could put this thing to bed for $2.5B,” Meyers said. And he knows who will pay for it.

Last week, after banning Trump from appearing on his late-night show, so long as Washington Post is banned from Trump campaign events, Meyers took his first stab at getting Trump out of the race. He offered the former NBC reality-TV star a starring role in a new scripted NBC drama, playing POTUS but without any of the responsibility, or expense.

“We can even write a scene for you where a judge outright admits he’s biased against you because he’s Hispanic and he’s jealous because he couldn’t get into Trump University and had to go to a lesser school, like Harvard,” Meyers said, promising that Jimmy Smits would play the judge.