UPDATED with video: Two days after banning Donald Trump from appearing on his late-night show so long as Washington Post is banned from Trump campaign events, Seth Meyers addressed a growing theory that Trump doesn’t actually want to be president, is only doing it for the publicity and ego boost, and is now trying to nuke his campaign to make sure he loses.

Meyers announced that if Trump would drop out of the race between now and the start of the GOP convention on July 18, NBC will award him a 13-episode scripted series in which he plays the POTUS.

Meyers confessed he had not actually run this idea by NBC, but noted “they’re not picky.” NBC would put at Trump’s disposal all of it’s  “tremendous writers with big brains from all the top schools” to write the series.

Donald Trump
Photo: SNL

“And let’s be honest, TV is the perfect place to accomplish all you want to do with your presidency. Because a lot of what you want to do is impossible in the real world,” Meyers advised Trump, via the airwaves.

“We can even write a scene for you where a judge outright admits he’s biased against you, because he’s Hispanic, and he’s jealous because he couldn’t get into Trump University and had to go to a lesser school, like Harvard.” Meyers promised Jimmy Smits would play the judge.

“Embrace this, Donald,” Meyers urged. “This is what you want. To have all the trappings of the presidency, without any of the responsibility.” Even better, the rest of us would get to watch you be president but with no real world consequences because, let’s be honest, we all do kinda want to see what it would be like if you were president. It’s like kids throwing rocks at a beehive. They know it’s dangerous, but they just want to see what’s going to go down!”

“So think about it Donald. Take a week or so to get back to us.  If you’re interested, contact us on Twitter. That is, if you have an account.”

Not coincidentally, exactly one year ago today, Donald Trump announced his candidacy, and Meyers’ fun began: