The National Football League got hacked and CNBC got tackled as the cable business news network today reported that Commissioner Roger Goodell had died.

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At around 12:40 PM ET Tuesday, a graphic appeared at the bottom of CNBC’s screen announcing that the NFL boss had passed away. While the network never cut to a story on Goodell supposedly being dead, it wasn’t before another two minutes and likely a flurry of calls from the NFL that the network added a note that the tweet claiming Goodell was dead had been deleted. The NFL confirmed soon afterward that its commissioner is “alive and well” and its Twitter account had been hacked as a trio of false tweets were taken down.

It wasn’t until 12:48 PM ET that CNBC’s Sue Herera broke in to say that the net had gotten the word that the NFL Twitter feed had indeed been hacked. She never addressed CNBC putting up the obviously unverified news. Not long after Fast Money Halftime Report host Scott Wapner came back on the air and said, after the false news had gone up, that “we doubted the validity of all that from the get-go, Sue, I am glad we got confirmation on that.”

CNBC did not respond to Deadline’s requests for comment about the incident.