President Obama on Thursday will make his first visit to the studio of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

That’s two days after Tuesday’s primaries in California, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana. Obama’s former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hopes to sew up the Democratic nomination in the race to replace him, so she can turn all her attention to defeating presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. She’s 26 delegates shy of the delegate count needed to secure that nom, but Bernie Sanders has vowed to lead his “movement” to the Dem convention next month.

Obama is expected to endorse Clinton this week – maybe speaking to some of Sanders’ followers via Fallon’s show, which is the most watched late-night show on U.S. television. Among younger viewers, adults 18-34, Fallon is averaging 400,000 viewers, best the 18-34 audience of his timeslot competitors Stephen Colbert on CBS (276,000), and Jimmy Kimmel on ABC (219,000).
Obama visited Jay Leno’s Tonight Show three times, but has not been a guest on the show since Fallon took over as host. The president was Fallon’s guest when Fallon hosted NBC’s Late Night, and did a special broadcast from the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill way back in April 2012. They slow-jammed the news. It went like this: