“The world’s greatest mind is facing his greatest challenge.” So touts the first full trailer for Infernoagain starring Tom Hanks as symbologist/humanity savior Robert Langdon. He’s the unlikely action hero created by Dan Brown, and this is director Ron Howard’s third film adaptation of the author’s mega-selling books, following 2006’s The Da Vinci Code and 2009’s Angels & Demons. This time, the clues come not from the art world or the Vatican but 14th century literature.

Sony Pictures

Seems Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell have been rearranged, and Langdon is mixed up with some heavy stuff. Thing is, he woke up in an Italian hospital with amnesia and can’t remember why he’s involved. Did he steal Dante’s Death Mask? And why he is having these visions? Although our hero is told that he has no idea what the people behind this are capable of, he continues to dig. Conclusion: “Dante’s Inferno isn’t fiction — it’s a prophecy.” A plague has been created that could wipe out half of Earth’s population, and guess who’s just the guy to stop it? Yes, well, Langdon and the doctor (Felicity Jones) he hopes will help him regain his memories.

Irrfan Khan, Omar Sy, Ben Foster and Sidse Babett Knudsen co-star in the film, which Sony Pictures boasts is “testing through the roof.” Worldwide Marketing and Distribution President Josh Greenstein even weigh in: “There is tremendous excitement for the franchise as evidenced by the overwhelmingly positive test response,” he said in a statement. “Among all audiences, Inferno scores in the 90s in the top two boxes, and with the core audience of older women, it’s 100%. Once again, Ron Howard really delivered.  This movie will be a huge global event.”

Howard’s first two Brown adaptations combined for $1.24 billion worldwide. Angels & Demons scribe David Koepp also penned the screenplay for Inferno, which opens October 28. Check out the trailer and tell us what you think.