D-Box Technologies and The Virtual Reality Company, the companies behind The Martian VR Experience, are re-teaming for several upcoming VR projects, including an action-adventure feature, for a likely release in 2017.

The announcement, made today by D-Box president and CEO, Claude McMaster and VRC’s CEO and Co-Founder, Guy Primus,marks the first joining of content, production and creative talents in VR, they say. The teams, along with VRC/affiliate company The Third Floor, will complete a Previs interface for D-Box motion system under the Unreal Gaming engine platform, which will enable the development of VR content and experiences that emphasize elements and senses audiences do not usually expect, according to the companies.

D-Box and VRC previously collaborated with 20th Century Fox, Fox Innovation Lab and RSA Films on The Martian VR Experience, which received critical praise at Sundance, CES, Cannes and the Game Developers Conference.