HBO’s topical late-night show Real Time with Bill Maher will air four live, half-hour editions during the GOP and Dem conventions.  The specials will be presented from Los Angeles, where the show is based. The GOP convention specials will premiere at 11 PM on Wednesday and Thursday, July 20 and 21; the Dem confab will be covered on Wednesday and Thursday, July 27 and 28 at 11 PM.

Both conventions are expected to be particularly yeasty this election cycle, and various TV news outlets plan to air more hours of coverage than in past election cycles. On the Dem side, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, to whom Maher pledged his support,  yesterday lost the Washington D.C. primary to Hillary Clinton, who already snagged the delegate count that makes her the presumptive Dem nominee. But Sanders had vowed to go all the way to the convention, regardless.

On the GOP side, Donald Trump, late-night TV’s favorite candidate to mock, has been the presumptive nominee for some time. But both conventions are expected to be particularly yeasty this election cycle, what with Mitt Romney blasting Trump and a Never Trump movement trying to come up with an alternate universe for its confab than the one in which the real estate developer turned reality TV star is declared the GOP’s nominee.

In keeping with the late night show’s format, Maher will respond to the day’s convention events and each show will also feature three in-studio panel guests. Real Time will continue to run in its regular Friday timeslot both weeks.