Fans of FX’s Louie know Pamela Adlon as the title character’s kinda sorta girlfriend on that terrific series. Now we get a brief look at Better Things, the upcoming series she’s toplining for the cable network. Adlon, who co-created the new show with Louis C.K., stars as a working actor with no filter trying to earn a living, navigate her daughters’ lives, have fun with a friend or two, and maybe squeeze in some private time once in a while. “That woman (character) doesn’t exist on TV that I’ve seen,” Louis C.K. said at a recent Awardsline screening for his Horace and Pete.

The clip is set in a coffee place where Adlon’s Sam is waiting in line. She intermittently repeats the word “shame” out loud – every time a bell rings – with varying degrees of emphasis and volume, apparently to her own muted self-amusement. Other patrons are too engrossed in their cellphones to care, or even notice. Or maybe they’re just not fans of Game of Thrones.

Better Things premieres September 8 on FX. Have a peek at the promo, maybe recall the Kinks’ 1981 semi-klassic with the same title, and let us know what you think.