Two sisters featured on Oxygen’s confrontational reality show Bad Girls Club have filed a lawsuit against the show’s producers and several cast members over a prank that escalated to violence and later aired on the show. Naming production companies Bunim/Murray Productions (spelled”Bunin/Murray” in the filing), Atrium Entertainment, NBC Universal, as well as Bad Girls Club cast members Angela Babicz, Kristina Babicz, Amber Thorne, Asia Jeudy (spelled “Asian Jeudy” in the filing), Diamond Jimenez and Olivia Adams, along with 50 unknown inviduals referred to as “Does” as defendants, the suit alleges assault & battery, conspiracy to commit batter, false imprisonment and negligence. Read it here.

“The network-heads themselves approved, ratified and knowingly agreed to the attack. They did so because they wanted their companies to reap the benefits. Defendants analyzed income over safety and money [sic],” the filing says.

The incident, occurred during the 3rd episode of the show’s 15th season, when sisters Amanda and Victoria Hepperle were brought on to replace two outgoing cast members. Soon after joining the show, the pair were covered in flour as they walked through the front door of the house in which it takes place, sparking a loud confrontation that quickly descended into pushing, shoving, slapping and hair pulling. The Hepperle sisters departed the house, and the show, immediately afterward.

The plaintiffs are represented by of Anthony A. Liberatore, M. Mary Margaryan, and Dhave K. Balatero of the A. Liberatore, P.C. Law Firm.