Sony’s The Shallows opens domestically on June 29 and starts trailering with Captain America: Civil War this weekend. Up above is a new look. Blake Lively stars in the thriller that’s helmed by Jaume Collet-Serra and written by Anthony Jaswinski. Producers are Lynn Harris and Matti Leshem.

Lively plays Nancy, a young woman grieving the loss her mother. When surfing off a secluded beach, she finds herself in the feeding ground of a Great White shark. Though she is stranded only 200 yards from shore, survival proves to be the ultimate test of wills, requiring all of her ingenuity, resourcefulness, and fortitude.

Seen arriving in “paradise” in the trailer, things soon take a turn to the nightmarish as Lively’s terrified Nancy must attempt to calculate a way around the massive predator.

Sony won a vigorous bidding battle for the spec script in 2014, when it was known as In The Deep. Tonally, the spec was described as a cross between 127 Hours and Jaws, with a touch of Gravity thrown in for good measure.