The End of The Good Wife – the slap, the verdict, the resignation, the ambiguity, the spoiler alerts – scored a season-best preliminary crowd of 10.5 million viewers and a 1.2 demo rating last night.

Compared to the year-ago finale, the CBS series’ now-being-dissected so-long climbed 13% in viewers (9.3M), and came in flat in the demo. Compared to the penultimate episode (9.1M and this season’s biggest crowd until last night), Sunday’s adieu jumped 14%. In the demo, the finale climbed a steeper 20% from the previous Sunday.

Oh, and for those keeping track, the biggest crowd ever for the much acclaimed courtroom drama, in which Julianna Margulies had the title role: 14.8M back in February 2010. Its best demo score, a 3.2 rating, was achieved in the series’ second episode on November 29, 2009. And, that March 2014 shocker in which Josh Charles’ much loved character was bumped off but the producers managed to keep it under wraps for maximum plot impact (but maybe less initial viewing), had logged an initial crowd of 8.9M and a 1.5 rating.

CBS this morning is forecasting its The Good Wife send-off will climb 32% (to 13.8M viewers) with delayed viewing, and 50%, to 1.8 rating, in the 18-49 age bracket. That’s owing, in part to the fact that, among last night’s time slot competitors, The Good Wife goodbye aired in the teeth of HBO’s Game Of Thrones, among other competitors.

CBS handily won the night in overall audience (8.8M) and tied ABC in the demo, with each scoring a 1.0 rating.

At 7 PM, NBC had taken on CBS’s 60 Minutes with the premiere of Dateline: On Assignment, featuring hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar, aka Guccifer, aka the guy who discovered Hillary Clinton’s private email account.  But the unveiling franchise wound up a distant No. 3 in the one-hour slot (0.5, 4.0M). 60 Minutes trumped it, featuring a report on alleged state-sponsored drug cheating by members of the Russian Olympics team. The CBS newsmag finished first in overall audience (1.0, 9.1M); ABC’s America’s Funniest Home Videos (1.2, 5.3M) prevailed in the demo. Fox comedies Bordertown (0.4, 1.1M) and The Simpsons (0.6, 1.4M) clocked a collective 0.5 demo rating and 1.2M  viewers for the network .

At 8 PM, NBC’s season-highlights episode of Little Big Shots (1.3, 7.4 million viewers) took the demo win, while CBS’s Madam Secretary’s cliffhanger of a season finale (1.0, 10M) prevailed in total viewers.  ABC’s Once Upon a Time (1.2, 3.8M), in which all Hades broke loose was demo runner up. Fox’s The Simpsons original (1.1, 2.4M) and Bob’s Burgers original (1.0, 2.3M) logged a joint 1.0 and 2.4M viewers.

At 9 PM, The Good Wife blew away the competition. Closest competitor, total viewer-wise, were the combined efforts of NBC’s comedies The Carmichael Show (0.8, 3.5M) and Crowded (0.7, 2.8M). Coming much closer to the CBS drama’s bow-out, in the demo were Fox comedies Family Guy (1.3, 2.8M), which had tied The Good Wife’s 1.3 demo rating in its first half hour, and The Last Man On Earth (0.9, 2.2M) which pulled down Fox’s hour average to 1.1 demo rating and 2.5M total viewers.

At 10 PM, the season finale of CBS’s Elementary (0.7, 5.5M) sloughed off a good-ish slab of The Good Wife’s crowd, but nonetheless prevailed in overall audience, if not in the demo . In this hour, NBC’s Dateline (1.0, 5.1 million viewers) prevailed demo-wise, with a missing-mother case. ABC’s Quantico original (0.9, 3.5M) was NBC’s closer competitor in the demo.