SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details of tonight’s Season 2 finale of The Flash

So that Man in the Iron Mask? He looks a lot like The Flash — the one from 1990, that is. Tonight’s Season 2 finale of the CW’s The Flash revealed the face of the Man in the Iron Mask, aka Jay Garrick, and it was none other than actor John Wesley Shipp, best known for playing Barry Allen way back on the 1990s CBS version of the series.


Tonight, Barry Allen — the current version, played by Grant Gustin — was still mourning the death of his father when it was revealed that Jay Garrick was the prisoner being held by the evil Zoom on Earth-2. He’s played by Shipp, giving the new series yet another special meta-twist.

This marks the second link between the CW and CBS Flashes, following the recent intra-network crossover episode blending Supergirl and The Flash.