Who says Kathryn Bigelow is the only female director who can direct action? Kellie Madison, a writer and producer who moved up to directing with the Open Road thriller The Tank –a fact based story where six people entered an Isolated Confined Environment tank to simulate a trip to Mars that turned into a catastrophic failure—is out with a proof of concept video called The Gate, and hopes it will allow her to crack the ranks of hardcore action feature directors. The short stars Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s Amy Johnston and The Raid 2’s Cecep Arif in a violent struggle by a young woman to save her suicidal sister, whose soul is about to be captured by an unsavory Indonesian crime boss. It leads to a larger adventure to find a pathway to ultimate power, called The Gate. She is looking for the right producer and possibly make the film as an Indonesian co-production; that matches the style of the martial arts in the film, which feels a lot like what we saw in the high octane The Raid. There is ambition here.