SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details about tonight’s Season 2 finale of the CW’s Jane the Virgin.

Leave it to Jane the Virgin to take a season finale about a beautiful life event like childbirth or a wedding and give it a crazy and dark twist at the end. After a slew of last-minute obstacles on Jane and Michael’s wedding day — emergency Jennie Snyder Urmancommittee presentation, a broken Rolls-Royce, a bus ride and a mad dash to the church — they finally get married (with Bruno Mars as a surprise wedding singer) and are about to kick off their wedding night when all hell breaks loose in the final minutes of the season finale. Michael’s partner Susanna shoots Michael when he realizes she is not who she says she is, Susanna goes on to reveal to Luisa that she is in fact Sin Rostro with a face mask, and Petra’s twin sister Anezka, who recently had visited their mother Magda in prison, puts her sister in a coma to take her place and seduce the unsuspecting Rafael. And Xo, who had  just slept with Esteban, discovered she was pregnant. I asked Jane executive producer/showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman to shed light on the shocking events and reveal clues for Season 3 — what is Michael’s fate, what is Anezka’s plan, will Sin Rostro and Derek be back and what lies ahead for Jane, Petra & Xo.

DEADLINE: Let’s start with the biggest question. Is Michael alive?
URMAN: You’ll know early on in the third season…

DEADLINE: Is this a plan to have a big heartwarming life event in each Jane finale and give it a dark twist at the end?
URMAN: In all of our episodes, we try to balance heart-warming life events with the more fantastic, telenovela-esque twists. In a finale, you obviously want to pump everything up, so you see that pushed to the extreme. Next year’s structure is a little bit different in that we are building towards a different type of life event, for Jane.

DEADLINE: What is that new life event Jane the Virginfor Jane next season?
URMAN: I can’t say what this event will be, at this point, as it will give certain things away!

DEADLINE: Will Sin Rostro have a major presence in Season 3?
URMAN: Without giving anything away, I will say that I love the relationship between Rose and Luisa. Back in the first season, Luisa described their relationship to Michael as “the greatest love story ever told,” which is the language we called back in this finale. I’d like to put the two of them in couples counseling next year, and see if they can work out their problems (ie. the fact that Rose killed Luisa’s father). Can love conquer all? We’ll see…

DEADLINE: Was that Sin Rostro that Derek was talking to on the phone in the penultimate episode?
URMAN: Yes. Rose and Derek were working together; we will learn more about that relationship in season 3.

DEADLINE: Will Derek resurface in Season 3?
URMAN: He will resurface to conclude his business with his half-sister (Rose).

DEADLINE: Who is behind Anezka’s sinister plan to take over Petra’s life? Is it her or their mother?
URMAN: Magda is behind the plan. She got in touch with Anezka once she realized Petra could and would sell her out (back in season 1). In fact, we have a very elaborate backstory detailing how and when Magda contacted Anezka (it centers around the distinction between a viola and a violin) but we ended up having too much story — and so we will have to unpack that in season 3.

DEADLINE: What can you tell us about Anezka’s goals?
URMAN: Anezka has a few objectives. First, she is going to try to convince Rafael to sign over the Marbella to her. He has legal problems and she will argue the property will be “safer” in her name. She’ll also try to get her mother out of jail. And of course, she does have a more personal agenda… #Rafazka #Anezkael

DEADLINE: How long will the real Petra be confined to her hospital bed?
URMAN: You’ll have to wait and see!

DEADLINE: Once again, Jane could not shake off the virgin moniker, so the show’s title is staying intact. Will the tragic events in the final momentsThe CW Logo 1 of the finale put a pin in that indefinitely, and will Jane find happiness?
URMAN: I never wanted Jane to lose her virginity in a season premiere, or a season finale. I think that puts too much pressure on her virginity and frankly, that’s never been what the show’s been about. That said, she won’t be a virgin by the end of next season…

And of course Jane will be happy at the end of our telenovela. What that “happily ever after” looks like — whether it’s the traditional ending we expect in a fairytale — I won’t say. But yes! Jane will be happy!

DEADLINE: Going into Season 2, you had said that it would chronicle Jane’s journey into motherhood. What will be the main theme for Season 3?
URMAN: This next season will center around the idea of growing up — what it means, what it looks like, and what it costs.

Also, we will find out who the father of Xo’s baby is and whether she will keep it. After having her own child, will Jane get a little brother or sister next?