Sony’s Crackle has acquired Harmony Gold’s popular ‘80s anime TV series Robotech, along with the feature film Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. Beginning May 15, all 85 half-hour episodes of Robotech, along with the 88-minute animated feature, will anchor Crackle Anime, one of Crackle’s new genre channels. Both the series and feature are distributed by Content Media.

Crackle_logoOriginally released in 1985, Robotech is a sweeping science-fiction anime epic in which the human race finds itself on the brink of annihilation and under attack by a fleet of gigantic alien warships capable of destroying the Earth in a split second. Their only hope for survival lies within the secrets of Robotechnology, which allows humans to develop powerful transforming robotic systems and interstellar spacecraft. The critically-praised U.S. TV series follows three generations of heroic characters who adapt this robotic technology from a crashed alien starship to defend against numerous alien invasions.

2016 is also the 10th anniversary of the release of animated pic Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, which features the voices of Richard Epcar (Ghost in the Shell, Mortal Kombat X), Eddie Frierson (Frozen, Money Ball) and Mark Hamill (Star Wars: Episode VIII). The premise continues where the television series left off: In the year 2044 AD, the human race has reached out to the stars through the miracle of Robotechnology, but not without bringing intergalactic war upon the Earth itself.