We’re getting the first look at Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s reality competition series The Runner, set to premiere July 1 on Verizon’s free, ad-supported video platform, go90.

On The Runner, where there is more than a million dollars at stake, one chosen “Runner” attempts to make it across the U.S. unnoticed over the course of 30 days while following clues about his or her itinerary, including mandated checkpoints. At the same time, eight two-person teams of “Chasers,” equipped with mobile devices that also receive clues, try to track the Runner’s moves and make a capture before the next checkpoint is reached. People at home can play along on go90 in real time and provide tips and information that can help capture the Runner for cash rewards. Real-time video updates are provided on go90 throughout the game, with multiple updates released each day.

Affleck and Damon executive produce with their Project Greenlight partners, Adaptive Studios’ Marc Joubert and Perrin Chiles, along with top unscripted producer Craig Piligian of Pilgrim Media Group, a Lionsgate company.

Check out the trailer above.