Lend us your ears: History has announced the cast and global premiere dates for its limited series about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. The eight-part Barbarians Rising will invade North American shores on June 6, followed by a conquest of some 185 other territories through summer and into the fall. (See all the dates below.)

HISTORY CHANNEL logoTold from the perspective of the rebel leaders, the series chronicles a wave of rebellions against absolute power by those the Roman Empire called “barbarians” – tribes they viewed as beyond the fringe of civilization that lived a brutish and violent existence. But these also were men and women who launched epic struggles that shaped the world to come with a centuries-long fight to defeat the sprawling empire.

The players and their freedom-fighting characters: Nicholas Pinnock as Hannibal, who vowed a blood oath at age 9 to destroy Rome; Ben Batt as Spartacus, the slave-turned-rebel who led a barbarian revolt; Kirsty Mitchell as Boudica, the avenging Celtic warrior queen; Tom Hopper as Arminius, the son of Germany surrendered to Rome; Emil Hostina as Attila, scourge of the east; Gavin Drea as Alaric, the king of the Goths; Steven Waddington as Fritigern, the warrior who took down an emperor; Richard Brake as Geiseric, the last barbarian standing; and Jefferson Hall as Viriathus, the shepherd-turned-rebel leader.

Barbarians Rising is a global co-production for History channels produced by October Films. Adam Bullmore is executive producer, Simon George is executive director, and Michael Waterhouse is series producer for October Films. Executive producers for History are Kristen Burns, Russ McCarroll and Sally Habbershaw.

Here is the full premiere  schedule for the program:

US: June 6
Canada: June 6
Southeast Asia: June 7
South Africa: June 20
United Kingdom: June 22
Romania: June 26
Poland: June 28
Australia: July 4
Italy: July 4
Europe: July 17
India: July
Latin America: August
German-speaking Germany, Austria and Switzerland: September 9-12
Japan: fall 2016
And Spain/Portugal, fall 2016