ABC is more concerned about competition from digital newcomers than from its broadcast rivals, based on its sales pitch to advertisers in its upfront presentation today.

“TV works and great TV works greatly,” Disney-ABC Television Group President Ben Sherwood told the group. The medium “delivers more value than anything else by far.”

Ad Sales President Geri Wang picked up on the theme that the network offers “connections” with audiences. “We prime our viewers to receive your advertising message,” she says.

She urged buyers to look at audiences for ABC’s shows in multiple venues including VOD and online. “The screen doesn’t matter,” she says adding that the concept of prime time “is so much more than a time period. It’s a promise of quality.”

And the network can offer “your ads on every platform, full framed and anchored to our shows.”

A new report from consulting group Accenture shows that “TV drives your business,” she says. “Spending more on TV drives sales. It’s really that straightforward.”

It recognizes that “digital drives results. But TV makes digital work harder” because people remember its messages over years.