Having grossed $276.7M domestically and $523M internationally through yesterday, Disney’s Zootopia is now heading north of $800M today. So far it is the biggest worldwide grosser of 2016. It added a total $50.3M this weekend worldwide. Of that, $31M came from its eighth frame of offshore play in 52 markets. The overseas numbers are buoyed by a phenomenal run in China — where it is the highest-grossing animated film of all time and even nabbed a two-week extension. The cume there is $222M. Meanwhile, Japan, which is a wild card, is still to come on April 23.

Zootopia is the 2nd biggest Walt Disney Animation Studios’ release of all time in its original release (after Frozen) and the 3rd biggest overall (after Frozen and The Lion King). It’s also Disney’s 6th biggest animated release of all time and the industry’s 5th biggest original IP animated film ever (4th excluding re-releases).

Set in a modern civilized world that is entirely inhabited by animals from all over the globe who walk upright, wear human clothes and use technology, yet have biases and natural enemies, the tale has been especially timely. Directed by Bryon Howard and Rich Moore, the core story of earnest bunny cop Judy Hopps who teams with sly fox Nick Wilde to uncover a conspiracy, was first teased in Cannes last year during a special presentation for press and exhibitors. Rough footage of the scene that sees the DMV populated by sloths was a resounding hit with attendees there. Featured sloth, Flash, has gone on to become a viral smash in China.

The animated anthropomorphic animal charmer isn’t currently anticipated to do Frozen numbers ($1.28B) globally, but its momentum continues to be strong at home and abroad. Japan embraced Frozen with nearly $250M in 2014. But that market, which tends to lean towards emotion rather than humor, remains difficult to gauge — and watchers are not ready to predict Zootopia‘s impact. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting the market has basically zero piracy, and will have tooned into the global buzz.

The other major Zootopia markets outside North America and China include Russia at $30M+ — the 2nd biggest industry release of all time — France ($28.2M), Germany ($26.7M) and Korea ($23.5M).