EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros SVP Marketing Analytics Greg Durkin has exited the studio after nine years to join two-year-old entertainment research firm Portent.IO as Chief Marketing
Officer. They also are granting him co-founding status, given his level of domain knowledge.

“With the combination of the team here and along with the expertise I’ve developed over the years, I think we have a very potent proposition,” Durkin told Deadline. “I understand the limitations of data but also how it can truly help the marketing side. There is data overload in the marketplace right now, and we are going to help people navigate through that and unlock the value of information old and new, big and small.”

In this new post, Durkin will work alongside co-founder and CEO Hamish Brocklebank and co-founder Uri Grodzinski.

“Greg really understands the market, and he’s incredibly passionate about the entertainment business and data,” said Brocklebank. “He’s bringing that passion along with his experience, analytical skill, and relationships to Portent at just the right moment.”

The Santa Monica-based research firm is currently working with two studios across the marketing of both theatrical and home entertainment properties. The company was founded in 2014 with an initial investment from market research firm YouGov and was a winner of the Smart Innovation award from the UK government in 2015.

Durkin’s career at Warner Bros spanned some of its most successful years, and he has worked on such franchise properties as Harry Potter and Lego as well as numerous superhero films such as Man of Steel and The Dark Knight along with The Hangover films.