WGA East and Vice Media said today that they have hammered out a tentative agreement on their first contract. Vice’s roughly 70 covered staffers will vote next week to ratify the deal.

“This is great news,” said Vice COO Alyssa Mastromonaco: “Both sides have come together and struck a deal that continues to propel Vice forward as media’s most innovative and entrepreneurial workplace.”

The pact includes an economic package worth 29% over three years, wga-eastprotections on the current health insurance offered employees, protections for employees to engage in non-Vice work, a policy providing for compensatory time off when employees work on weekends or other scheduled days off, guaranteed severance pay and a commitment to meet on a monthly basis to discuss workplace issues.

“Through hard work and solidarity, we reached a deal that includes unprecedented economic changes, as well as provisions that are specific to today’s creative workplaces in the digital space,” said Matt Taylor, crime editor at Vice.com and a leader of the bargaining committee. “This agreement acknowledges the vital role that editorial plays in Vice’s success and growth, and we look forward to working together to make sure VICE remains the international media powerhouse it’s become. We also believe this contract demonstrates the enduring value of organized labor in journalism and the broader economy.”

Said Lowell Peterson, Executive Director of the WGA East: “This agreement is a testament to the commitment of the Vice employees to improve their work lives and to the hard work of the bargaining committee,” said “Vice is on the forefront of digital media’s transformation into a place where creative professionals can build sustainable careers. Collective bargaining empowers writers, editors and other content creators to make their voices heard.”