Call it the one with Matt LeBlanc. Here’s a fresh teaser for BBC America’s new season of Top Gear, in which the former Friend slides into the driver’s seat. But as the clip shows, that’s not always easy: He’s out to give the wild Ariel Nomad a spin, but a decided lack of doors makes it something of a struggle.

Matt LeBlanc Top Gear verticalThe upcoming 23rd cycle of BBC’s Top Gear will be the first steered by LeBlanc, Chris Evans and the Stig as they take over for Jeremy Clarkson — who was sacked last year after a “fracas” with a show producer — Richard Hammond and James May. The retooled car show launches in May with the team motoring through locales including the U.S., UK, France, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.

LeBlanc soon might have more free time to spend on the road, as production has begun on the final season of Episodes, the Hollywood-focused Showtime comedy on which he plays a version of himself. (He scored an Emmy for the role — one more than he got for that little NBC sitcom that served as a prequel to Joey some years back.) But LeBlanc is toplining a comedy pilot that is getting the VIP treatment at CBS.

While we wait for the green flag to launch Top Gear‘s latest go-round, here’s a look at the new team, from left: Rory Reid, Sabine Schmitz, LeBlanc, Chris Evans, Chris Harris, Eddie Jordan and the Stig.

Top Gear BBC Team 2016