Because no one from NBC News is in evidence at NBCUniversal Summer Press Day today out here in a Four Seasons Hotel in where-the-heck-am-I Southern California, reporters turned to the next best thing for answers about the current presidential election cycle.

“Our country’s in trouble,” began Todd Chrisley, star of USA Network’s docu-reality-soap Chrisley Knows Best, in which, to paraphrase Todd, he puts his family’s dysfunction on the front porch for all the world to see. Unlike all those other docu-reality soaps.

“When you have a choice between Hillary and Donald, we’re up sh*t creek without a paddle,” he added.

Chuck Todd could not have put it better.

“We’re at this point, at a place where we have to look at both parties and and say, ‘Which can I live with, that I can survive and overcome some of the mistakes that are going to be made?’,” Chrisley continued. “I believe fundamentally, in order for this country to grow and evolve, we have to come together and be one. You cannot continue to divide. That’s where you get into trouble..trying to divide people on the basis of their different religions, different cultures, and belief systems. It’s great for you to believe what you believe. I will not compromise my integrity to accommodate your lack of integrity. So, at this point, if you ask who I’m gonna vote for, I could not tell you.”