Open now in 36 international territories Disney’s The Jungle Book has amassed $57.1M through Thursday. That’s after a wild debut frame last weekend that saw it swing to $31.7M in just 15 offshore hubs, notably India and Russia. Added to those markets this week thus far are such key plays as France, Germany, Italy, Australia and Brazil. China bowed today and unofficial local estimates have it widely leading the market with around $12M (that figure is not confirmed and not included in the $57.1M Disney reported today). This is in addition to the fantastic $4.2M it scored in Thursay domestic previews.

Leading the charge internationally on the live-action/CGI Jon Favreau-helmed family adventure is India with $15.1M after opening last Friday. The performance there to date is simply staggering — posting the biggest opening week for any Hollywood release ever. It is about to become the highest grossing Disney release of all time and 5th biggest Hollywood movie ever — in just one week — in a market that largely favors homegrown pics. This weekend it’s up against Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan but will give even the superstar a run for the money. Russia since last Friday has taken $10.4M. Australia is at $4.3M and France at $3.1M. Argentina and Malaysia both have $3M each.

Overall, The Jungle Book is now open in 17 European territories and has debuted at No. 1 in each. This update on Disney’s own 1967 animated pic (based on the Rudyard Kipling classics) is set to go Kaa-ching all weekend overseas where it is also adding Spain, the UK and Mexico today.

Looking at this week’s key openers and the comps, France in two days is +204% over Cinderella, +196% on Oz: The Great And Powerful and +40% vs Maleficent. Germany opened Thursday to an estimated $300K, which is +78% over Cinderella and +25% vs Oz. Italy swung into action with an estimated $500K, or +138% over Oz and +10% on Cinderella.

Australia, which sneaked last frame, has already grossed $4.3M as it now expands across the whole country. It was a clear No. 1 yesterday and is +185% vs Maleficent, +147% vs Oz and +131% over Cindy.

Through today, The Jungle Book will be open in 48 international territories, including all major markets except Korea (June 2) and Japan (August 11).

The theatricality of the experience is bolstered by 3D and PLF this weekend. It’s on 450+ IMAX screens. Although The Jungle Book has less of a holiday play than the comps, it’s worth noting their full weekend numbers in the same suite of markets as TJB is launching this weekend. At today’s rates, Maleficent cast a $77.7M spell in her offshore debut, Cinderella waltzed onstage with $62M, and Oz conjured $42.4M. So TJB has already beaten the latter in just two days of play and with the China estimate has overtaken Cindy. The Maleficent number surely looks cursed as well.