Disney’s The Jungle Book just became the highest-grossing Hollywood release ever in India, a country where 90% of the box office grosses go to films that are home grown. To make the record in India, little Mowgli ran past both Furious 7 and Jurassic World. After only 12 days in release in the country, the CGI/live action film has grossed (through yesterday) $24.6M which makes it the second biggest market behind China right now which has $63.9M.

The record in India follows The Jungle Book posting the biggest opening week for any Hollywood release ever there when it opened to $15.1M; it’s also the highest grossing Disney release of all time there.

Two local titles are is competition right now and both are playing well. The first is Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan and the second is the Tamil title Theri. While The Jungle Book took over the box office in India, Fan enjoyed the biggest 2016 Bollywood debut in North America this past weekend with $1.36M at 280 locations. Fan initially was ahead of The Jungle Book in India, but no more as the CGI/live-action take on the studio’s own 1967 animated film based on the Rudyard Kipling classics has swung past it and will continue strong this weekend.

The Jungle Book, which debuted a week before in India before it was released stateside, has taken in $232.7M internationally to date on a global haul of $357.4M. And that’s before it heads into what is anticipated to be another strong weekend both abroad and domestically. It is set to dominate both box offices again this weekend and should only drop about 50% to 55% this weekend for another easy No. 1.