According to early Nielsen data, President Obama’s first interview as POTUS with Fox News Sunday snagged 5.5M viewers and 1.3M news-demo viewers. That would be the Sunday Beltway show’s second-biggest haul this calendar year, behind only the March 6 telecast when Chris Wallace sat down for an exclusive with Rush Limbaugh and also interviewed Mitt Romney. Remember, back then, the Grand Old Party began having its thermonuclear meltdown at the prospect of an actual Donald Trump nomination, dusted off its former White House hopeful Romney, and he speechified that Trump is “a phony” and “a fraud” – to which political pundits responded: “too little” and “too stupid.”

Anyway, Wallace’s Obama interview this past Sunday clocked 1.6 million viewers and 516K news-demo viewers on broadcast stations. During the sit-down, POTUS said, when asked, that Hillary Clinton’s emails did not compromise national security and that the thing he’ll miss most about being president was Air Force One and interacting with citizens on such a massive scale.

After Fox’s broadcast stations had their crack at the interview, Fox News Channel repeated it at 2 PM, 6 PM, 9 PM, midnight and 2 AM. The five repeat telecasts combined notched another 3.8M viewers and 800K news demo viewers.

Fox News Sunday is this year delivering its best-rated year ever to date.