UPDATE, 4:55 PM: Las Vegas Metro police have given the all-clear at The Colosseum theater at Caesars Palace after a suspicious item prompted an evacuation during a screening of Now You See Me 2. Las Vegas Metro Police Officer Larry Hadfield told Deadline the suspicious item turned out not to be a threat. He did not have details on the item or why it was considered suspicious. A previously scheduled awards presentation will go on as planned with doors opening at 7 PM.

PREVIOUS, 3:25 PM: Everyone has been cleared from the theater at Caesars Palace during a World Premiere screening of Lionsgate’s summer crown jewel Now You See Me 2. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police PIO Jesse Roybal told Deadline the evacuation was due to a “suspicious item” found in the theater. NATO Managing Director Mitch Neuhauser said a backpack had been left unattended.

“The screening was stopped out of complete caution for the safety of the delegates and attendees,” NATO spokesman Patrick Corcoran said in a statement. “A potential threat had to be taken seriously. By the time we determined it was not a threat, it was too late to start the movie.”

The screening was halted abruptly at about 3 PM, and the screen went black. A voice on the PA said it was a “technical problem” then added, “Please leave in a very orderly fashion.” The entire theater was emptied, and Lionsgate brass including Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger were among those awaiting further instructions outside the theater. Neuhauser said tonight’s scheduled awards presentation would go on and doors to the Colosseum would re-open at 7pm.

NYSM2 stars Dave Franco and Jesse Eisenberg had introduced the film before the screening at the Colosseum, and famed magician David Copperfield, an adviser on the film, had regaled the crowd with a trick.

In a jittery age of bomb scares and worse happening in places with large groups of people, there has been virtually no checking of bags for any presentation all week at the Colosseum. In a place with so many stars and others, security is surprisingly relaxed. On the other hand, every event at the Cannes Film Festival, including screenings and just simply walking in and out of the Palais, is rigorously monitored and all bags are checked at all times. You can’t even walk in with an apple much less a bomb.

Erik Pedersen, Denise Petski and Ross A. Lincoln contributed to this report.