CNN thumped its cable news competitors in the news demo, and Fox News Channel carried total viewers as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won their respective political party’s New York primary last night.

FNC delivered over 3 million primetime viewers, topping CNN (2.6M) and MSNBC (1.7M) from 8-11 PM ET.

CNN, however, clocked 913K viewers aged 25-54, which is the networks’ key sales bracket, outstripping FNC’s 600K and CNN New York PrimaryMSNBC’s 500K.

The night lacked a certain drama, with the GOP race being called for Trump literally as the polls closed at 9 PM ET. The Democratic race got called for Clinton about 38 minutes later, as Trump was giving his victory speech at Trump Tower; MSNBC broke in, CNN stuck like glue to Trump’s speech, as did Fox News, which called Hillary’s win via chyron during Trump’s victory lap.

MSNBC and CNN also carried Clinton’s victory speech in full; Fox News carried the first 15 minutes, then cut away and back to Sean Hannity’s show.