While Anderson Cooper is town-halling Donald Trump and family on CNN tonight, Fox News Channel cleverly counterprogrammined with an interview in which two of Trump’s favorite women — Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi and Fox News Channel primetime star Megyn Kelly — discuss the GOP front-runner.

Among the highlights, Heidi Cruz insists that Trump’s re-tweet of that unflattering photo of her juxtaposed with a photo of Trump’s ex-model wife Melania “didn’t impact me in the least.” That’s because, “one great thing about me, Megyn, is that I don’t tweet. So I had an ability to completely ignore it.”

She apparently also did not watch any cable news programs that day, since they were full of talk — and images — of the retweet.

AIPAC Policy Conference, Washington, D.C, America - 21 Mar 2016Sticking like glue to message, Heidi Cruz tells Kelly, “It’s interesting the timing of that was right before Ted’s sweeping victory in Utah. … But I will tell you I know why we are running this race, and it’s not for Donald Trump: It is for the voters of this country. And when you have a husband who is standing by you that is so strong and so unflappable, it really gives me a lot of strength. So I really have to honestly say it didn’t impact me in the least.”

Trump, Heidi Cruz said, “has spoken out on some of the issues of the day. What’s really important is who is speaking out correctly and telling the truth, and who has solutions — who has real, tangible solutions and real proven record on being able to deliver on those.”