Ahead of his hosting gig at Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore already has won over the crowd, calling it “the most narcissistic room ever invented: journalists, politicians and Hollywood. And the president.”

“The room could explode from the narcissism alone,” Wilmore told CNN’s John Berman today in a taped interview.

Wilmore, who was Jon Stewart’s Senior Black Correspondent on The Daily Show, said the nerd-prom hosting gig was something he “really wanted to do for this president.” He has been critical of Obama in the past and joked he voted for Obama because of “his policy of” being black. In the CNN sit-down, Wilmore he gave Obama high marks on that count, saying he has “increased the policy of blackness” in particular “over the past year and a half – he has released the black-en.”

A game of Candidate Word Association provided a good idea where Wilmore’s going to go on Saturday:

Bernie Sanders: “Scrappy.”

Ted Cruz: “Creepy.”

Hillary Clinton: “Trying to find it.”

John Kasich stumped Wilmore — which he said “is the problem” with Kasich’s candidacy. Don’t expect jokes about the Ohio governor Saturday night.

Donald Trump: “Unbelievable. In every way.”

Wilmore also said he will not pull his punches in re Obama at the dinner, though POTUS will be sitting with him on the dais. “I have to keep it 100 – and what are they doing to do? There’s not enough time to sic the IRS on me.”