Doing his umpteenth interview this week about hosting President Obama’s final White House Correspondents Dinner tomorrow night, Larry Wilmore seemed finally to toss the script, telling CNN’s Jake Tapper, “I know [former WHCD host] Jimmy Kimmel ran a couple of jokes by you, and you were very kind to let me try out a few Yo Mama jokes on you –  and I really appreciate that. I’m going to open with a Yo Mama So Fat joke.”

After being told for the fourth, or maybe it was the fifth – we’ve lost count – time that performing for a ballroom packed with  politicians, journalists, and POTUS is the toughest room in the world, this time Wilmore shot back, “They’ve never worked strip clubs in Alaska. That was an actual gig I did – I’m not even making that up – back in the day.”

Asked, again, if he was nervous about making fun of Obama when POTUS was sitting on the dais, Wilmore did stick with his oft-delivered “No time to sick the IRS on me; we’re past Tax Day” response.

Tapper, who’s a seasoned pro, by then presumably had figured out the risk he was taking in being the the fifth, or is he the sixth, interviewer to ask Wilmore this week if, being a black late-night show host and former The Daily Show Senior Black Correspondent, and Obama being the country’s first black POTUS, he planned to talk about racial issues on stage.

“I hadn’t even considered race as a topic,” Wilmore snarked. “Of course! It’s the first black president and I’m a brother doing the show. Absolutely!” he added, as Tapper laughed.

“I think I’ll have a lot of fun with that,” Wilmore forecast. “I don’t know how far Obama is going to do in on that. I think he’ll do a couple of jokes…you never know. I may say this, and he may mix it up and do a whole Live at the Apollo act. Who knows? He may just open with: ‘You know, white people do this! See, white people will be president-ing like this, but black people when they president – they be president!”