In the wake of this morning’s news that Comcast made a deal to pay $3.8 billion for DreamWorks Animation, DWA CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg addressed his troops at the company’s Glendale offices. Universal’s Jeff Shell and Donna Langley were in attendance, we’re told. Here is the gist of Katzenberg’s address:

“When we founded DreamWorks more than two decades ago, our goals were ambitious in a way that no business plan or investment strategy could ever express. We wanted to build place that created laughter and inspired children to dream bigger than ever before.

Our imprint on the hearts of children everywhere – not to mention the entertainment industry – is unmistakable and indelible.

The next chapter of our company’s historic journey begins today, and as I’ve said many times, there is no doubt that the best days for DreamWorks lie ahead.

This was not a deal that we needed to do, but it’s the deal I’d always hoped would come along. Not only are we passing the baton to a company that understands and values our brand, but it’s also a place that will nurture and grow our businesses to their fullest potential.

I rest easy in knowing that the house of dreams we’ve spent the past two decades building together – the stories, the characters, the joy and the laughter – has found the best possible home; a home where its future is secure and its legacy is embraced.

As always, thank you for the amazing work you do every day, and most of all, thank you for the laughter we’ve shared together.”

Under terms of the deal unveiled today, following the completion of the transaction Katzenberg will become chairman of DreamWorks New Media, which encompasses DWA’s interests in AwesomenessTV and NOVA. He will also serve as a consultant to NBCUniversal.