Jimmy Kimmel Live logoThe Rams have migrated back to Los Angeles after two long decades mired in St. Louis, and they wanted to make a splash in their comeback season in a sports-crowded market. So they traded up for the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft, looking to snag a franchise quarterback to be the future Face of Pro Football in L.A. That happened tonight as Hollywood’s new home team snapped up Jared Goff, a Bay Area native who starred at UC Berkeley — or, as it’s known to college sports fans, simply Cal.

Jimmy Kimmel Live took the opportunity to give the 21-year-old his first big Tinseltown interview as a Ram tonight, chatting him up from Draft HQ in Chicago. So LA Rams logo featureddoes the kid have what it takes to be an L.A. sports superduperstar? With Kobe Bryant retired, that job’s pretty much up for grabs. Goff held up well enough, though he doesn’t exactly have the gift of gab.

Amid the gentle ribbing about his fashion sense and looming multimillions, host Jimmy Kimmel asked some probing questions. To wit: “Do you have a girlfriend – can we get you a Kardashian or something like that?” A few things we might not have known about the kid from Novato: He majored in sociology, does not watch Game of Thrones and does not want to be the Bachelor. (Nice ABC plug there, Jimmy.)

Most important, Kimmel laid out a few suggestions for a nickname. Among the candidates: American Goffic, David Hasselgoff and Turn Your Head and Goff. Check out the interview and give us your first impression of the man who would be king of L.A.